Delivering new e-commerce solutions is our heart and soul, and we are comfort we do this better than any others. We have all competence for a successful implementation project, with people specialized in different platforms.

If you are setting up your first e-commerce store or if you are migrating into a new solution, we urge you to include us in the feasibility and let us give you a proposal.

To successfully deliver an e-commerce solution, you must have a good team with experience and competence, but as important a good working structure. We have a working process that spans everything from first workshops to maintenance, and that can be used standalone to deliver this project or implemented to your or the maintenance partners organisation after the release.

Our mission is not only to deliver the best project, but to deliver to you a solution with the lowest possible cost for the entire life cycle, of which the actual initial project cost is only 10%. To do that, we must deliver a solid platform with high quality, reusing common components and best practices and a well educated team that will continue to work with and support the solution.

Key Roles

Our team consist of senior and junior developers, but with at least 3 years of experience from projects on their specialisted platform. Our Magento developers are not only certified, many of them have even worked for Magento developing the core product, and have an understanding of the platform no other clients can offer for your project.

Project Management
Our senior project managers and business analysts have more than 10 years of experience for e-commerce projects. Whatever specific challenges your store may face we probably have experience in solving them before. This may include things as:


    You might have an extensive network of logistic hubs, with challenges such as stock levels, shipment costs, VAT rules, currency conversation, order tracking, calculation of expected delivery time, ERP/CRM integration, etc.

Global retailing: 

    You have sales channel in many different countries and want to have localized stores, such as specific products, description, prices, languages, currency, payment and delivery methods as well as discounts and business rules.

One of the aspects that differs an experienced professional partner from the ambitious amateurs is their vision about QA and testing. Many developer may argue that QA effort is redundant and will provide you an offer with QA reduced to minimum. All experience and research show that a well established test process increase the quality (from 40% and more) and reduces the total cost of the solution lifespan. This will give the solution a prolonged lifespan.

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