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New   Amsterdam is a platform-independent supplier whose primary mission is to build an optimal total solution with our customers. We have worked with and have knowledge in a large number of platforms to provide guidance for your important decisions. In order to choose a platform, we look at a number of key attributes and how these relate to each e-commerce’s business, prerequisites and strategy. Within each category we see one to two leading solutions that fit most new customers in the Nordic market, such as Regarding market share, access to expertise, local functionality, etc.

In the role of technical partner, we have specialized in key platforms within each category. As they have a higher market share and there is a greater demand, we are working on these platforms to a much greater extent, and we therefore consider ourselves to be leaders in these and offer the highest expert expertise.

Our primary platform is Magento , where we consider us to be a leader in the Nordic region. We have worked with Magento for 6 years and delivered some of the world’s largest as well as complex solutions, coupled with simple e-commerce stores, where we utilize the platform’s standard functionality maximally for fast and cost-effective delivery. Our developers have many years of experience with Magento, and many have previously worked for Magento and have been involved in developing the solution from scratch. Our architects also work close to Magenta’s own architects to always find the best solution to complicated problems.

We also focus on maintaining high skills in Woo commerce, Demandware and SAP Hybris.

Other platforms we work with with our partners to make individual efforts, such as introducing new payment solutions or new cash, combine e-commerce store (“correct omnikanal ) ), Do business system integration, improve SEO or performance or develop a better development process.


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