Innovation is in our DNA. We want you to focus on making your store unique and innovative and not to struggle with reinventing the wheel and getting your solution up to standard with common functionality most other online stores already have.

We love innovations and our close partnership with BAS and BAS/ITG, the award winning and leading agency in Sweden for innovative design and digital solutions, will give you the possibility to not only do something that is unique, but to evolve your business model with new ideas and to all new available possibilities given by the new technologies.

Innovation is in everything we do:

    It is the platform we choose
    how we work together and with you as a client
    how we plan and setup the solution to give ourself full flexibility to add innovations

If we were to choose only one thing, this is what we likely would want to present to you, to inspire and to amaze, to question old ways of working, thinking, selling and setting up a retailing organisation.

Please contact us for a free innovation workshop.

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