We will be your best investment

We always give you the best solution for the money invested. What you spend in the project, will be rewarded many times in future maintenance savings. We always make sure there is a business case before doing something. We never experiment with your money.

We give you the truth

We deal with issues, risks and improvements each day. The truth is often inconvenient, but we never sit silent. You may not always like us. We bring you all information to the table to allow you to make decisions with our guidance

We always deliver

During our history, we have never failed a project or a client. Our greatness is that we make our client great, and together we remove all obstacles in our way. We never give you excuses, we bring up issues and solve them.


New Amsterdam is the name of the Dutch settlement in Manhattan which then became New York

But what does this have to do with an IT agency in Stockholm specializing in e-commerce? When New Amsterdam (the company, not the city) was founded, e-commerce was under construction, just as the US and New York were then. Many saw the potential and in true new build spirit, many new web shops were developed where the ambition was higher than the knowledge and where the right tools were lacking.

As we sat on the knowledge of how to develop an e-commerce solution with modern tools that are completely superior to the old solutions and at the fraction of the cost, we wanted everyone to discover a new world of e-commerce, just as the former explorer discovered new worlds.

The name New Amsterdam will live long, as there is still much to discover

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