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Driving traffic to the site, converting visitors to their goals, and getting customers to return are 3 key areas of optimization. New Amsterdam has integrated optimization in our development process, which means that we work with constant improvements throughout the life cycle instead of an extensive launch project.

SEO or search engine optimization is today the most well-known aspect of optimization, which largely means driving traffic and visitors to the site. Companies today spend a large budget on attracting new customers and visitors and customizing the site for that traffic is an important part, in combination with advertising such as, for example. Adwords. SEO is today an advanced science that requires deep knowledge of eg. Google and their products which we offer together with leading partners such as Searchmint.

When visitors are on the site, it must match their expectations and give them an experience. Design and content is an important area, as is personalization and a site that is located. Many customers today opt out of shopping from stores that are not local, as it is not perceived as sufficiently secure. If the same product is available at a similar or only slightly higher price at a local store, the customer chooses that option.

Optimize, optimize, optimize

For each visitor, the company should have a goal, it may be that the customer should make a purchase or read more about the company to create awareness for upcoming decision-making processes. These conversions or micro-conversions must be measured and followed up and how successful a business becomes will determine how much the conversion can be optimized. Conversion optimization is a very important aspect of sales and can be determined by small details, such as color and placement on a buy button, if the customer service phone number is sufficiently visible. New Amsterdam is an expert in the field and is constantly developing it through data collection and analysis, experience from many stores and A / B testing.

An online store can never stop in its development when competitors do not. The key is to make quick and cheap changes and constantly improve

Common to the most successful online stores is that they have a higher degree of repeat customers than new customers. On average, for an online store, only 32% of customers will ever come back to make a second purchase, which means that the customer may not be profitable based on the acquisition cost made. Customer loyalty is a key concept to motivate the customer to return. New Amsterdam has long experience of some of the world’s leading customer loyalty programs.

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