We offer you a wide range of e-commerce specialists, covering all solution lifespan from UX-design to release management and maintenance support.

You might be an experienced online retailer, a startup or an off-line retailer expanding into e-commerce, and we can plan and deliver a full project or offer you expert consulting within specific areas.


Here is some typical roles we can offer in any phase of your online solution life cycle.

Solution architect
Setting up an e-commerce can be quite simple and done in a few hours, but must likely it is a complex project with several challenges and integrations. We consider the Solution Architect to be the most difficult role to find as a client, but probably the most important in the first phases of a project. All strategic decisions made will forever affect the project, and millions can be saved or lost. We encourage every retailer to contact us and let us share our ideas with you.

Business Analyst
In order to start a project, there need to be a basic plan, often expressed as three main documents; wireframes, backlog and solution architecture, there the backlog is the most important document. This document can be very time consuming to assemble, not only it requires workshop to actually define what to do, but also to describe all stories, prioritize them and write acceptance criterias. A good Business Analyst can accomplish this for you, but an experienced Business Analyst specialisted in e-com do this in 20% of the time, with a much better result. Don’t underestimate the value of this part of the project, it is needed to ensure the quality of your solution for the entire life cycle.

Before look and feel can be applied, the overall flow and experience must be defined, together hand in hand with the requirement. This is done as wireframes, and will give everyone an understanding of the experience. Important questions such as if store should use the concept of a multi-cart, or if it is a one way flow to the checkout will be defined by the wireframes. We offer a large team of award winning UX-designers covering all aspects.

Common assignments

All customer have different challenges and needs, but below is some examples of common assignments and problem areas.

Performance optimization
Many e-commerce solution today is not performing, mainly due to outdated platforms, misconfigured system settings, absence of or misconfigured caching tools and not optimized code. Many developers often start from the assumption that they need better hardware, severs or more memory which is almost never the root cause of give much effect consider the required investment. We start with doing a short analysis and propose a plan with different improvements. We have help customer reducing for example page loading time to a 1/5 with surprisingly little effort.

Low development velocity review
A common issue is that management feel that new required functionality is not being delivered and too much of the effort is spend on non-functional issues such as refactoring, performance and other maintenance issues. This is frustrating for both parts and is probably the most common reason why to migrate to a new platform. Breaking these negative trends is both difficult and sensitive. In these cases we recommend to bring in external assistance and we can help you improving the situation by looking into all areas, from reviewing the development and requirement processes to benchmarking and code reviews

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