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Design and content are important elements in creating an experience for the customer and, following the offer, are the most important for successful e-commerce. A clear structure enables the customer to discover more and relevant products and a clear graphic design makes the customer feel safe and able to identify himself with the brand.

A responsive design today is a matter of course, as many online stores have more visits as well as generated sales from mobile devices than desktop. We always optimize our mobile, reading and desktop web shops and recommend the “mobile first” concept, to develop the design for the mobile first and then the other devices.

New Amsterdam works according to a concept we call agile design, or pragmatic design, which means we rarely develop ready design sketches over the web shop before we begin development. The reason for it is simple, external design agencies rarely have a good idea of ​​how best to implement functionality or how the design should optimize the conversion. This optimization takes place through continuous work in production where different designs and flows are tested against each other, such as A / B testing. Therefore, we recommend starting from a standard design that, during the development phase, is expanded and adapted to customer needs until the customer is satisfied. It also ensures that neither more design nor development is required than necessary and gives maximum business benefit.

Product images are an important part of the customer experience and for many products, product video can also provide a better experience and increased sales. Through our partners, we help you to show, organize and produce video material.

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