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Solution Architecture

The analysis phase is perhaps the most important phase of a digital project and the choices made here will govern the business for many years to come. A good choice allows companies to grow and develop, while wrong choices often give rise to high costs and the company can no longer be competitive. For e-commerce solutions, the differences between different platforms are very large. During a lifecycle, two corresponding solutions can distinguish 10 times the cost if they are based on a platform compared to another,

New Amsterdam has knowledge of and worked with more than 15 different leading platforms and can help you with the first analysis. We guarantee that this work will be your best investment and can save you many millions of dollars in future costs.

An incorrect solution architecture often requires many integrations between redundant systems. There are examples of companies that have customer information in ten different systems instead of reducing this to a system. This will be very costly and will provide a slow rate of change with high risk of change.

For global companies, cost savings are even greater as the solution has many different stores or brands, such as In several countries. New Amsterdam is specialists in what we call “global core” solutions, that is to say. To use a base with all common functionality and then only handle the local differences. With our work, we have reduced more than 50% of the IT organization to several major companies. Such a solution also provides benefits such as simplified testing, faster rollout to several countries, and less internal communication and coordination.

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