Swish was launched 3 years ago as a cooperation with 6 of the major banks in Sweden and are today approaching 4 million users. It have so forth been a service for customers, simplifying  how to transfer money between bank accounts without cost. Since July 2015, the service is also offered to corporations. Recently it was announced that an API to access the service is available, enabling all e-commerce actors to offer swish as a payment method for their customers.

An e-commerce innovation


Why is it important for you as an e-commerce actor to offer yet another payment solution to your customers when there is so many alternatives? The reason is simple, it will be a great business for you. With only a fixed transaction cost for about 1,5 SEK, it is already the most cost effective payment solution. It is also greatly dynamic and can be used for many other purposes. You will decrease your dependency to other payment services such as Klarna and you get the payment on your account within seconds.

Flow of Payment

  • Customer select “Swish” as a payment method and enter his mobile phone number
  • Customer is asked to open the preinstalled swish application. An automated payment request is send to the app, prefilled with company name, payment amount and order-id.
  • The customer sign the payment with his bank-id and get a confirmation in the app. The e-commerce solution gets an approval with status to be able to finalize the order
  • The transaction and purchase is completed and the thank you page is displayed to customer, or customer stays on the checkout with an error message if transaction was cancelled.
  • Money is on the account within a few seconds.

New Amsterdam goal is to innovation e-commerce and make it more profitable compare to what it is today. Contact us today and we present our vision of e-commerce 3.0 and show you how easy it is to integrate Swish and how it can change more than your e-commerce.

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