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Management is the most important part of a digital solution. The focus is often on the development project, but usually this phase accounts for only 10% of the total life cycle cost of a solution. In the development project, there is often a start focus on timetable and budget, which means that shortcuts, compromises and wrong choices are made, which must then be handled in the management.

New Amsterdam always has the management and life cycle costs in focus and works actively to not make these compromises in the project phase. Instead of working in project management, we have adapted our project model to our management process. This means that we and the customer can quickly find a working way of working and de-dramatize the transition from project to management. We divide all work in phases, where we in management work on optimization and improvements based on data and knowledge, rather than doing this work in projects based on stomach feeling.

As part of the management, performance and security are very important aspects. Performance provides a better customer experience, but faster page uploads also mean that the customer in a given time period can see more products and gain more information, which gives a higher order value. Performance is also an important aspect of SEO work to provide higher rankings.

With GDPR, the law will be tightened for all companies that may receive 4% of global sales if the security and management of information is not done properly. We work with several partners to ensure the security of your digital business.

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