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Many companies today have sales in many different channels, the most common is the combination of physical stores and e-commerce, but can also be via customer service or resale of services through my pages and offers by email. Many companies with a background in physical store trading have the challenge that each channel has its own set of systems that are independent of each other and therefore work together to integrate them. This is both costly and redundant.

Customer travel today is a key concept, which means that the customer’s interaction with the company and the brand can take place in many different ways, but should be on the customer’s terms. A customer has no understanding of technical challenges and wants to have everything at any time, anytime. Omnikanal means to enable a customer trip over more channels.

A customer journey can mean that the customer chooses to look at products in store and then at home in peace and quiet look for the product at the best price. It may also be the opposite to visit the store to see it and complete the purchase to get instant delivery. Channels must interact in a way to complement each other, incorrectly implemented, they can compete with each other and adversely affect.

New Amsterdam is specialists in working with customer travel and omnibus solutions, both strategically and technically. A successful customer journey, which is also one of the challenges, is to give the customer an experience. This is closely linked with personalization, that knowledge of the customer provides a customized and tailor-made experience at the customer’s terms, without compromising on integrity. Personalization is a demanding area that requires analysis and ongoing evaluations. There are services that quickly implement some personalization, but the effect may in part be that the customer does not discover new products. We work with leading partners, such as Nosto, to maximize the benefits of staffing for each individual store.

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