We consider us to be one of the leading experts on Magento solutions, by gathering experts from all over the world and successfully delivered complex projects.

Whether you have an established e-commerce solution or if you are about to get one, you today need to build it on a solid platform. The advantages is endless, such as shorter and cheaper implementation, lower cost for maintenance, more out of the box functionality and a future proof solution you can grow with for the next years.

Magento and Woo commerce is today the two dominant solution, with a market share of about 25% each. Behind them, all competitors is relatively small. Unless you require an enterprise solution, you should add these two solutions to your short list as primary considerations.

Woo commerce is an option if you already have WordPress and you want to start of with something small and easy with quite a low budget. This is a great way to get started and learn about e-commerce. However, don’t invest too much money on this solution and be prepare to change in once you grow or demand more advanced functionality.

Otherwise, Magento have advantages to all other competitors. It is for free (if you choose community version), it is very stable, it offers a full range of functionality that will keep you busy for the next years to come. Also it is the platform where most money have been invested and new plugins (for example for the next payment solution you want to have) is developed all the time, faster than for any other platform. By choosing Magento, you will be part of a community with 100-000 other stores and have probably a million developers available. Magento have all ingredients to let you and your business thrive.

Magento, such as most other platforms, require that you implement and configure it according to best practices. For an experienced partner, this is however not an issue.

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