Magento – the market leading e-commerce platform

We consider ourselves to be one of the leading experts at Magento as a solution, by selecting and gathering experts from all over the world and successfully delivering complex projects of very high quality.

Magento has dominated e-commerce for several years and this is not without reason. It has advantages over all other platforms. It is free (if you choose the community version which suits most), it is technically stable and it offers a full range of functionality that will keep you busy for years to come. It is also the solution for which most money has been invested, and when it eg. If a payment solution comes, you can be sure that it will be developed immediately for Magento as a plugin.
By choosing Magento, you are doing the same thing as 100,000 other stores, and there are probably over 1 million developers who have knowledge of the platform. Magento has all the elements needed to allow your business to develop in a cost-effective way.

Do you turn or plan to turn over more than SEK 10 million annually?

In general, it can be said that Magento is the leading solution for e-retailers with an annual turnover between SEK 10 to 400 million. For start-up e-merchants, there are cheap and simple alternatives such as cloud services with a low monthly fee but with major limitations. For global organizations with large customization needs, Magento cannot compete with other enterprise platforms, but the very low total cost of Magento in relation to, for example, SAP Hybris or ATG means that it should nevertheless be an alternative even for the larger segments.

Magento has countless advantages and when developing a new e-store there is no other platform where it is possible to deliver a total e-commerce 3.0 within the same time and cost. However, there are drawbacks, which may be worth knowing. Magento 1.0 is starting to become an old platform and 2.0 has childhood diseases. Magento is considered to have performance problems but there are plenty of solutions for this. Magentos CMS does not impress and it may be worth having a separate system such as WordPress, which, on the contrary, many people’s opinion will not be a greater total cost. In leading tests of platforms, Magento has been criticized for a “boring” standard template which is irrelevant as there is a plethora of responsive themes that can be adapted. Magento also requires its own installation and environment, which today with cloud-based hosting does not entail any additional cost. New Amsterdam can now host a total solution with test environments from a few hundred kronor a month.

Whether you are an established player in e-commerce or if you are about to start a new store, you need a stable e-commerce platform to build your business on. The benefits are countless, such as getting a shorter and cheaper implementation project, significantly lower cost for all future management, more standard “out of the box” features and a solution that you can grow with over the coming years.

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