2016 there are no excuses for a poor but expensive e-commerce store. We know how to double the conversion rate and with half the maintenance budget.

First and second generation
In phase 1, The early adopters of e-commerce had to custom develop their store by themselves. In phase 2, after getting some experience (and code from previous projects), many external companies create their own e-com tool, that they offer to new customers, in parallell with the new frameworks that becomes available. By providing some basic functionality, it largely reduces implementation cost.

third generation
With todays new e-commerce platforms, already a native installation covers more functionality than 90% of the online retailers can offer today. There is many levels of campaigns, upsale and cross sale being provided, and it only requires customization. Integrations will most common external systems are already in place (such as payment gateways, carriers, reporting, CMS, etc) as well as APIs for importing and exporting data. With a large selection of responsive themes, chances are good you will find a theme similar to your design and can only do small customizations to the theme and have your store responsive with little effort.

For an online retailer today, the decision of going responsive will almost for certain be a business case for also changing the entire platform. One of the barriers for changing platform is that so much money have been invested in the existing one. The online developing team will likely object, since they have spend 1000s of hours struggling to get the existing solution to where it is today. It can seem like a failure to decide drop it. That is not true, since there previously have been no other options.

By replacing your existing solution with a new one, you should be able to reduce development to minimum. Effort will be on elaboration on new concepts instead of maintenance and fixing new bugs and reinventing the wheel over and over again. In average, we expect and active online retailer to be able to reduce the online team to 50%, but which will then provide significally higher quality and velocity.

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