We believe that all online retailers deserve a proper store, especially since it is not very different to accomplish.

We have studies more than 500 stores during 2015 according to our minimum expectation criterias and how these are fulfilled. For each criteria, you see the percentage of all stores that fulfills it.

As a preliminary summary, we have concluded that 85% of all online retailers does not fulfill our minimum expectation criteria. And that is after we have excluding the criteria of responsive design.

The full report will be announced in february, please come back for more information.

Minimum expectation criterias (fulfillment in %)



    (60%) – The user experience is fast and there is no unnecessary loading times

Appealing design

    (80%) – It has some intuitive design that doesn’t contain serious UI bugs

Responsive design

    (10%) – Design is adapted to my mobile devices


Up- and cross sales

    (25%) – When adding an item to cart, I am offered a relevant additional product, such if I buy an electronic toy I am asked to buy batteries.

Error control

    (50%) – If I add something that cannot be delivered or included in the order, I want to be alerted upon adding, not as a result of a failed checkout.


    (65%) – Most stores have some kind of discounts, if there is no discounts at all in the store, it is likely because it is not supported rather than no required by the customer or business.


    (30%) – If I as customer do extensive shopping, I want to be recognized or rewarded somehow, either with some volume discount, free shipping or a small free gift.

Other functionality (when available)

stock level

    (80%) – I can see the stock level for each physical store as well as online stock

pick up in store

    (60%) – I can select if I want to pick it up in store or have it delivered home


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